Case Studies about Coke cola in colombia, business and finance homework help

First determine what the case. What is the essence of the case study? This will help you in identifying key issues. and I want you to do 7 pages with the resources

1.Clearly state the substantive Facts in the case. Sometimes a case has irrelevant and / or non-substantive information. Make sure you distinguish the two.
2.Identify the Key Issues in the case. Who are all the Stakeholders and what are their perspectives?
3.Analyze the case – break the facts / issues up and put them all together again. You will gain new perspective particularly in light of what you think is the essence of the case.
4.Provide Alternative – viable – Solutions.
5.Recommend the Best Solution with accompanying rationale.
6.Provide your Prognosis. This is expressing your personal opinion quite apart from the logical conclusion you have arrived at in analyzing the case.
7.It is important to identify Primary, Secondary and Tertiary moral / ethical issues and the Ethical Dilemma in the case.
8.Be sure to articulate the relevant Ethical/ Moral framework(s) that is / are applicable so you can evaluate the company’s actions against them.

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