Connecting Theories With Gaps in the Literature

Connecting Theories With Gaps in the Literature

Selecting a working theory is central to your dissertation study. A theory provides a framework for understanding a phenomenon or a process by describing the relationships among variables and concepts. Theory provides the lens or perspective out of which research is conducted, analyzed, and interpreted. It is through theory that research problems can be formulated, hypotheses put forward, phenomena categorized, and conclusions drawn. The theoretical framework of a study is, therefore, intended to hold all of the research components in a coherent structure. As such, every research design and study should have an underlying theoretical framework.

In this week’s Discussion, you will describe a theory that you found referenced consistently throughout the studies you read. You will also draw a connection between the theory and the gap you identified in the literature.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Consider, based upon your literature review thus far, what theories have been recurrent.
  • Review Chapter 3, “Writing” (pp. 23–25), in the Stadtlander text.
  • Review the media piece Research Approaches and Theoretical Frameworks.

Post by Day 3 a response describing one theory in your own words, and explain its relationship with the gap in the literature you identified.

1-2 References

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