Find any QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH CRITIQUE GUIDE then answer the question


Name: _____________________________________ Date: _____________

Reference: (APA format: Authors. (year) Title. Journal, volume (issue), pages.)

Research Problem and Purpose (15%):

  1. What was the purpose of the study? Purpose of problem clear?
  2. Are/Is there a research question(s) and/or hypotheses? List. If hypotheses are they directional or nondirectional? Explain
  3. Is this study important? (i.e., will this study have an impact on practice?)

Framework/Review of the Literature (15%):

  1. Do the Authors specify a theoretical/conceptual framework guiding the study or is a framework implied? Specify the framework/conceptual model used and type of framework (ie., physiology, grand theory, middle range theory):
  2. Literature reviewed relevant to the study purpose?
  3. Review logically and clearly organized?
  4. Does the review primarily use current literature? (published within the last 5-10 years)

Research Design and Methods (25%):

  1. What type of design was used?
  2. Population identified and described?
  3. Sample (size, selection, representativeness) adequate and appropriate?
  4. How was sample selected? (inclusion/exclusion criteria):
  5. Context/setting for the study clear? (Where did the study take place?)
  6. Study variables clearly and precisely defined? List key variable and level of measurement for each (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio):

Data collection, measurement, and analysis (15%):

  1. Methods of data collection are clearly described and appropriate for the study? Describe the methods.
  2. Instruments used are valid (accurate) and reliable (consistent)? List instruments and note how reliability and validity was established for each instrument:

Findings/Results and Conclusions (10%):

  1. Are tables and figures clear and relevant?
  2. Are the results organized logically and presented clearly?
  3. Are the conclusions consistent with the results? Do the answers make sense?

Professional context (10%):

  1. Human subjects review and approval obtained?
  2. Are the implications for practice clearly stated?
  3. Limitations and biases identified?
  4. Are the limitations/biases concerning enough to cause you to question the validity of the results? Yes No
  5. How do you rate this study as a whole? ____ (scale of 1-5) (1 = low scientific merit, 5 = high scientific merit)

Personal Growth & Development (10%):

  1. List at least one thing you learned/relearned from reading this article.
  2. List at least one way that YOU could you apply the findings of this study to your nursing practice:

Note. Up to 10 points will be deducted for breaches in APA. Pay particular attention to cite others’ work appropriately in the text of your paper, as well as proper spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Attending a workshop on using APA is strongly recommended as well as use of a reference manager.

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