How to write a paper in apa style format

  • Locate the Case Study #1 from the Harvard Business Publishing course pack the Instructor sent to you.
  • After reading the case study, write a 3-page (750 minimum) paper on what advice would you provide Jennifer Ames if you were the expert assisting this organization with conflict resolution. How do you address the multicultural issues? Do you agree or disagree with Jennifer’s decisions? Defend your response with a minimum two scholarly sources.
  • Address the four members in question: What should Jennifer say to each in order to correct the conflict?
  • Requirements: Each paper submitted in this course must have a title page and a reference page. You are expected to reference and cite a minimum of two scholarly sources in each paper. Proper APA 6th Edition must be followed. If you need assistance with APA please refer to the “APA Student Paper” handout or visit Purdue Owl at .

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