​Just please answer the 2 question below in 1-2 well structured paragraphs, u should use the powerpoint to guide you to answer the questions.

Question 1 – Is partisan gerrymandering constitutional?

In 2019, the Supreme Court heard the case Rucho v. Common Cause. Go to the oyez summary of the case:! Based on the on the summary of the case, do you think the court made the right decision? Why or why not?

Question 2 – Why can’t these 3rd parties make-it?

Check out the webpages for the Libertarian Party ( and the Green Party ( These are the two largest 3rd parties in the US. Based on the webpages and your understanding of 3rd parties, why can’t these two parties gain much traction in US politics. There is a a lot of support for the beliefs of these parties in the US.

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