operation security control for hospital, writing homework help

Hi work as operation security control for hospital and I have one subject which is “control needed to secur the data based on HPPA “
I have sample from my friend you can look at it and I have to articles and that will help. it should be 3 pages long (Time New Roman Single space, 11 font size, APA-styel, in-text citation). 

You will discuss controls that are needed to establish, manage and maintain secure data. Provide information on each control as to why it’s needed for data classification/CIA of the data/ and the data life cycle. I just want to make sure you got everything write

the format is so important APA style you have to cite each paragraph you are writing and and give me references at the end and its not count in the 3 pages
Times new roman – 11 font size – single space- minimum 3-5 pages

forget the link I sent to you just read the article I will sent to you write now, I will do the checklist by myself but make sure its covered in general at the paragraph. please make sure you not copy anything in the sample I sent. Sure the main point might by the same Like (administrator safeguards, technical safeguards, physical safeguards, etc) that fine but the paragraph should be reformed” paraphrase with extra objectives and details from the article I will send to you and you can do more research but all the headers point in the sample should be covered as well.

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