Week 9 Discussion

Research a NIKE campaign (other than your project) that is a very bad example of a campaign according to the framework of the Central Communications Platform. Note that a bad example will give you much more to critique and discuss with your classmates. (Hint: local brands such as furniture stores and car dealerships might work if you are having trouble finding one). Then, post a response to the following questions.

  1. Is it influential? Critique your brand example for its inability to impact or influence the target audience. Provide a link so that classmates may view your example.
  2. Is it Simple? Critique the message for its ability to be easily understood – if it’s too complicated or mundane the audience won’t remember it.
  3. Is it Ownable? Critique the campaign message for its connection to the brand – it should contain a consumer insight.
  4. Is it Emotive? Critique the campaign message for its emotive value to the consumer – it should be useful, entertaining and/or relevant at some level.
  5. What changes would you recommend to make the campaign better? Use the CCP framework to guide you answer.

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