2 Reading Responses

Write in 2 different words file. These are 2 separate responses

First one

~Respond in 750 words:

David Freedburg uses the phrase “the myth of aniconism.” Analyze this in reference to Islamic

visual culture.

Second one

~Respond in 750 words:

Analyze any one of the readings on chant in the Hindu, Islamic, or Christian context, and

summarize its key points.

Grading Criteria

This reading response paper (RRP), is the third of five, and constitutes 7% of your final grade. All RRPs

will be graded on a modified Pass/Fail basis. The grading criteria are as follows:

Satisfactory, good, or very good: A–

Deficient but acceptable: C

Unacceptable: F

Excellent or outstanding: A

No submission: 0

Submission of Assignments

1) All written work is to be uploaded as a Word document or RTF file on Blackboard. Please note that the

document should be named in the following manner: Yourlastname_RRP4, i.e. if the participant’s last

name is “Irani,” the file should be named: Irani_RRP4.

2) All assignments should be formatted in a double-spaced, standard 12-point font, such as Times New

Roman, with one-inch margins.

3) The word count should be provided at the end of the paper.

4) All assignments will be screened via SafeAssign—Blackboard’s plagiarism detection tool.

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