After listening to the voice, answer 10 simple questions

3.1 Identifying an Argument

Listen to “The Hate Debate (Links to an external site.).” For 1-4, respond based on the claims and evidence from the segment of time for your determined round and debater. For 5-10, respond based on podcast as a whole:

  1. State the debater and the position.
  2. State a main claim by your debater.
  3. State the evidence offered to support the claim and explain it.
  4. Explain how the evidence and claim function in the context of the debate.
  5. Were the questions clear? Why or why not?
  6. What connections or patterns did you see across all four positions in context?
  7. Do you have any overall observations or questions about the debate?
  8. Was your opinion about the overall topic impacted? How?
  9. What points of evidence impacted you and why?
  10. What else stuck out to you and why?

For this assignment you will listen to a podcast and do a write up based on one of the speakers. Your assigned speaker will be determined by the month you were born in: (Birthday January-April: Corynne McSherry, May-August: Elie Mystal, September- December: Ken White).

I need do a write up based on Elie Mystal.

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