CAPSTONE Assignment help

So, my professor was not please with the Chapter 1 Assignment that was complete. I need this assignment revised like the example attached below, there is also a template below to use to complete it(you can transfer the info you’ve already written to the template, but more content needs to be added). It needs to have a table of contents page, correct title page, and had to look similar to the example below…please review the example below and revise the Chapter 1 Assignment you completed for me originally.


Unfortunately, this is not what I expected. I don’t understand why you did not use the Template and why you did not review examples of Chapter 1. This needs to be thoroughly improved. You cannot submit another version without sending it to the Writing Center. I know you are capable of meeting the requirements for this class, but you have to really focus … re-do this chapter. If you would like to send a much improved version by e-mail I will review it. I am counting on you to do what is necessary to substantially improve this. See my comments in the attached.

Dr. Kessler


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