Congratulations, it’s your first writing assignment in HLS 210, and you have already been hired by a private sector company to serve as their Physical Security Manager (PSM). The company, Westlake Chemical Corporation, has established itself as a multifaceted force in a relatively specialized industry. Among its petrochemical products, WLCfocuses primarily on the production of the most globally demanded and historically utilized substances, ethylene and polyethylene – compounds which act physiologically as hormones in plants.

As a side note, this company/facility is a component of the U.S. Critical Infrastructure Chemical sector. The Chemical Sector is an integral component of the U.S. economy, employing nearly 1 million people, and earning revenues of more than $637 billion per year.

After your initial orientation to the company, the CEO calls you into her office to discuss the immediate security needs of the plant. Apparently, physical security has been an afterthought for the company in recent years. The CEO attributes this condition to the fact that many in company leadership do not understand the need for investments in physical security. The CEO is determined that if you could develop a comprehensive, yet concise, presentation on physical security for the company board of trustees and company leadership staff, it would be easier to invest in physical security in the future. The CEO lets you know that you have a little over a week to develop the presentation and submit it to her for review. The details of that presentation are below.

Presentation Specifics

First and foremost, remember that this is a WRITING ASSIGNMENT!! This writing assignment was developed to help you exercise your practical, investigative, and critical thinking skills. Students will develop a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation (per the guidelines presented below). While in the CEO’s office, you took down the following notes:

➢ Develop a presentation for company leadership (trustees and leadership)

➢ Presentation should be submitted to CEO by September 8, 2015 @ 6PM.

➢ Presentation, consisting of approximately ELEVEN slides(see below), should be delivered in Microsoft PowerPoint format.

➢ The use of graphics is encouraged, but it should not take away from the presentation.

➢ CEO wants the PSM to use the NOTES section below EACH AND EVERY slide to make notes about what he/she would say while that slide is up – this is extremely important.

o You must have your notes in the notes section for full credit (REMEMBER THIS IS A WRITING ASSIGNMENT.

o As in all writing assignments – write in complete sentences.

o Also put all references in the notes section regarding sources you used in order to develop that slide.

➢ CEO does not want the PSM to put full sentences on the PowerPoint slides themselves, rather important concepts or phrases.

o (The notes will have the full sentences to explain the concepts or phrases).

➢ This presentation should be free of grammatical and spelling mistakes.

➢ Formatting should be professional as well as the look and feel.

➢ CEO wants the format to follow these guidelines:

o SLIDE ONE: TITLE SLIDE – Includes your name, company name, Presentation Title, and Date

▪ (Introduction of who you are and why you are there).

o SLIDE TWO: What is physical security?

▪ (The CEO wants you to explain the concept of physical security to people who may have never heard the concept or certainly do not understand it).

o SLIDES THREE AND FOUR: What are some examples of Physical Security Technologies and what are they used for?

o SLIDES FIVE AND SIX: Can you give some price points for three various technologies (students should research three separate technologies – as noted in slides three and four) and provide some example price points.

o SLIDE SEVEN: Importance – THE WHY: Students should use their critical thinking skills to give at least three reasons why a company should invest in physical security – back up with facts and references.

o SLIDES EIGHT AND NINE: What is this CPTED concept I have been hearing about and how could we apply it to our plant?

o SLIDE TEN: Conclusions / Final Thoughts: This should wrap it up and sell your points.

o SLIDE ELEVEN: References Slide – Every reference that you utilized through the presentation should be listed on the last slide. No notes under the reference slide are necessary

Any sources that are used for information should be cited on the particular PowerPoint slide using the APA Publication Manual (6th Edition) guidelines. A guide for using the latest APA Publication Manual is located at

I need 3 pages and 11 power point slides


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