Discussion Response (200 words + 200 words)

Please check the attached Rubric my teacher very hard grading you must follow the direction 100% and you must use the book at least one-time either by quotation or by citing the information you bring from the book.


Please answer these questions in at least 200 words You Must Use the attached book either quotation or information and cite the book.

As we talk about logical fallacies and their prevalence in the “real world” (thanks for examples!) I would like for us to continue the discussion by considering these questions:

1.Choose one fallacy from the various ones presented in the readings and explain it clearly.

2.Then find three different examples of that ONE (1) fallacy in advertisements /commercials. Find three different advertisements/commercials that utilize the same fallacy. Make sure you give us the citation information for each commercial.

3.After giving the links, explain the essence of the fallacy you are discussing. What makes it a fallacy? Then clearly explain WHY each example is a manifestation of the fallacy you are discussing. Begin by describing the fallacy and then note the way in which the fallacy appears in each of the three advertisements/commercials you have chosen.

To give you an idea of what I am looking for, you are encouraged to watch:

Please do not use any of the examples found in this video in your post.

4.Why is the fallacy you are discussing effective? Obviously if it continues to be used, it must work — WHY? What is it about the fallacy that makes it “work” so well? What hidden assumptions, weaknesses in human psychology, etc. are manipulated by the fallacy?

5.What is the danger of building an argument on a fallacy? Is it ever appropriate to use a fallacy to convince someone (for example, should a parent motivate a child by using a fallacy?)? Why or why not?


I attached one of my classmate post

You must then respond to one student post (You Must Use the attached book either quotation or information and cite the book). The goal of the response post to a fellow student is to discusses the student’s main points (first paragraph) and concentrates on the real-world example. Response post adds new information to the discussion by drawing inferences, raising questions, adding insights to the point made in the student’s essay. Citations (MLA – in-text and works cited) for references to the textbook and/or assigned Module readings are required. Your response to your fellow student must be at least 200 words. You must refer to the student by name and discuss the point being made as well as the real-world example given in the essay.

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