Empirical Study/Suicide prevention research

Required components:

  • Empirical Study Summary – 60 points
    • Each student will find ONE empirical study journal article.
    • Each student must have a different empirical study journal article. Communicate with your group members to ensure that everyone has a different journal article.
    • SAVE a copy of your article in PDF form. You will submit this on Blackboard.
    • Each student will write one 3-5 page, typed, double-spaced paper (Empirical Study Summary)
      • Include APA-style in-text citations
      • Include an APA-style reference for the publication at the end
    • The Empirical Study Summary should include the following information:
      • An introduction to the topic/study – see article’s Introduction section
        • Variable definitions
        • The author’s/authors’ rationale for conducting the study
          • e.g., theoretical foundations and/or previous research findings
        • Aim of the study: What research questions were the researchers trying to answer and/or what predictions did they make? – these might be in a Current Investigation section
      • The methodology used for the study (i.e., a thorough description of how the study was conducted) – see article’s Method section
        • Sample characteristics
          • total # of participants (including the # in each group, if applicable)
          • gender (% or # of each)
          • ethnicity (% or # of each)
          • Any other sample information helpful for interpreting the results (socioeconomic status, education level, etc)
        • Study Design – read the Research Methods section (Ch. 1) in your textbook for information on these terms
          • Cross sectional study or longitudinal study
          • Correlational study or (true) experimental study
        • Study procedures
          • Describe how the study was conducted
            • Did participants come into a lab to complete self-report measures?
            • Did participants complete self-report measures online?
            • Did they complete any tasks?
        • Study Measures
          • Describe any measures that were used to assess the variables
      • The study’s results/findings – see article’s Results section
        • Describe the results of the study
          • For correlational studies: How was variable X related to variable Y?
          • For group difference studies: Does group 1 having higher levels of variable X than group 2?
      • An interpretation of the study’s findings – see article’s Discussion section
        • Why do the researchers think that they found what they found?
      • Limitations of the study and directions for future research – see article’s Discussion section
    • IMPORTANT: This is a writing assignment—the writing must be in your own
      • DO NOT copy/paste written work from another source
      • NO direct quotations – paraphrase the information from the article
      • Your work will be screened for plagiarism. Refer to the syllabus for the course policy on academic misconduct.

      presentation must include PowerPoint

      YOUR name at the bottom of your PowerPoint slides

      student will present for approximately 4 – 5 minutes
      . It is important to limit the
      length of your presentation to 5 minutes.

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