essay about Chinese economic reform(opening up and reform) led by Deng Xiaoping

Please try to focus on about 3 main economic policy led by Deng Xiaoping

Essay requirement:

-bibliography with 10 credible outside sources (not someone’s blog, NOT WIKIPEDIA)

-careful citations of sources within paper (see MLA or other style handbook)

-1300-1500 words, in addition to bibliography

-do not cut and paste graphs, tables, or graphics from other sources—instead, please use data to produce your own when necessary

-paper should have

(1) introduction that explains the viewpoint of the paper and how it

will be supported, followed by

(2) several pages of evidence supporting the viewpoint, ending with

(3) a conclusion summarizing the argument and

(4) a concise bibliography

Places to start looking for information

-Lexis-Nexis electronic database of articles from current periodicals

-IMF publications ( ), especially the World Economic Outlook –what is not downloadable is often available in the library or via interlibrary


-World Bank publications (

-Bank for International Settlements Publications (

-Need data for a graph or table?

Ask the Reference Librarian about the IMF’s International Financial Statistics or

Balance of Payments Yearbook, or check out the World Bank’s online database ( or IMF WEO database:…

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