For this paper, you ll be utilizing the following three texts: I Just Want to Be Average, by Mike Rose; The Complexity of Identity, by Beverly Tatum; and chapters 1 and 2 of Whistling Vivaldi Consider how the arguments of those texts might be applied to the educational system, specifically as it pertains to equity. Additionally, please reflect on your own personal experiences and observations — from your experience or observations, is school an equitable place? Has what you seen or experienced supported or disproven the ideas presented in Rose, Tatum, and Steele’s texts?

Ultimately, there are two questions to address for this paper.

1) Is school a place that is equitable and that gives all students, regardless of identity and categories of identification, a fair chance at educational (and future workplace) success? 2) Ultimately, do we see the same power structures that are prevalent in our society influencing the way students, from kindergarten through college/university, are educated in the United States?


1) Your paper must be 4.5-6 pages in length.

2) Your paper must be in MLA format.

3) Your paper must integrate the three texts discussed above as well as your own

experiences and/or observations.

Note: This paper is not one that has us consulting academic or scholarly secondary sources. This means that you do not need to search for, and integrate, articles, books, or essays found on your own. Simply provide your own origi =nal argument and use the three core texts listed above as evidence to support your claim


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