“Getting the Job” Please respond to the following:

  • As the video titled “Melissa Forman – Hilarious Resume Typos” (4 min 55 s) located at demonstrates it is very important to avoid mistakes when writing resumes and cover letters. Think back over your background and job history. What types of messaging have you used that are related to “finding” and “obtaining” employment? Some examples may include: job application cover letters, thank you notes, job-acceptance letters, recommendation requests, and others. Based on the video you watched, determine what the protocol is in your field or area of interest, and ascertain what makes an effective messaging tool. Please share relevant experiences / anecdotes from your work life.

Instructor Insights


  • Week Nine

    Week Nine


    This week, you have a little break from writing assignments. Let’s take this brief respite to consider some ABC’s of Business Writing:

    As you consider the video above in context with professional communications, why are these items important? As you enter the workforce or seek to gain knowledge or new positions within your current organization, what have you learned about the importance of presenting yourself professionally and clearly both in writing and when speaking within the workplace?

    As you near the end of ENG 315, be sure to keep in mind your own reasons for needing to learn to communicate professionally. See the following video for examples demonstrating why it’s important to learn to write and communicate professionally:

    Note the speaker’s use of the term “competitive advantage.” Today’s workforce is diverse and competitive. Having the skills to present ideas professionally and creatively helps ensure you stand out in any organization.


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