I do not have the classmate responses to respond to, so just expand on the information that can be posted on ANY initial post. I need BOTH the forum and the 2 responses.

1.) Discuss the possible effects of applying risk assessment and risk management in policing pertaining to curtailing departmental and officer misconduct.

Student expectations for Forum questions:


students answer to the question should be a minimum of 350 words. A

minimum of one peer reviewed reference needs to be used in the

development of your answer. You also need to provide two (2) feedback

posts to your peers. Each feedback post needs to be 150 words or more,

and should include information that helps to enhance the discussion on

the topic. Do not include statements such as great work, or excellent

post. Try to include info that is challenging and respectful and that

will stimulate debate. Also, be mindful of including references and

citations whenever citing facts to support your position. APA 6th

edition citations and references must be used always.


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