Oral report

The oral report is an article review. Students choose a current scholarly article written on a topic in bioethics to summarize and analyze. They present their summary and analysis in a 2-3 page essay and as an oral report via power point, Prezi, or some other presentation tool. Students use Stritch library data bases or bioethics anthologies of articles on reserve for this class to choose and then summarize a scholarly, academic article that entertains a topic in bioethics. Students then present their summary of the chosen article to the class along with an analysis of the article. A power point or prezi or handout is required. The report should include:

  • The article title and bibliographical information – author, where and when it was published. (A copy or link to the article should be submitted on Canvas.)
  • A brief statement of the author’s credentials/affiliation, if accessible.
  • A correct and detailed summary of the article’s argument, position, content.
  • An analysis which may include: a consideration of the truth or falsity of one or more statements made in the article; a consideration of weak or strong portions of the article; if an analogy is introduced, a consideration of whether the analogy ‘works’; an identification of any logical fallacies (Links to an external site.) that may be present; a statement about which theoretical perspective (if discernible) informs the author’s view.

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