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The Discussion about Sex Work and Sex Trafficking from both Weitzer Essays

Sex work and sex trafficking do not seem to be very glorious because sex work and sex trafficking violate the rights and benefits of women in society. Ronald Weitzer puts forward a different point of view in his essays. In this paper, I will identify 5 things I learned about sex work or sex trafficking from both Weitzer essays.

In the first place, the main occupations in Sex work and sex trafficking include prostitutes. Prostitutes, because of the potential risk of violence, have certain specific sexual behavior requirements, and rely on and be exploited by third parties, resulting in different types of prostitutes in different communities or different environments (Weitzer 2010: 7). And the profession of prostitutes allows individual workers to seek customers across one or more circles. And prostitutes need ever-changing levels and master more and more advanced work skills and attitudes to provide quality services to customers.

In the second place, strip clubs and adult video stores are subject to local laws and regulations in the United States. Therefore, the content presented by strip clubs and adult video stores in different regions, the location is unknown, clothing and contact with customers are subject to local laws and regulations(Weitzer 2010: 17). For example, in many areas, businesses with sexual orientation are prohibited from being close to residential areas, schools, parks, and churches. But these places and adult video content have also caused dissatisfaction among locals. Many locals want local governments and officials to exercise strict control over adult entertainment venues.

In the third place, Ronald Weitzer believes that sex work and sex trafficking are evil (Weitzer 2007: 451). Because for feminists, sex work and sex trafficking is a way of exploiting women under the rule of a man-dominated society. The men do not care if women agree or not, and it is not a legitimate way of making a living. Sex work and sex trafficking is a human rights violation, whether for men, women, or children. Sex work and sex trafficking are sexual deviations. Because they break the link between sex, love, and reproduction, and they also lead to the threat of marriage and the destruction of morality.

In the fourth place, Ronald Weitzer believes that sex work and sex trafficking are full of violence, and it is an absolute and universal form of violence (Weitzer 2007: 452). Violence is inherent in sex work and sex trafficking. The sexual services provided by prostitution are often accompanied by violence and degrading sexuality. Moreover, sex trafficking is also a kind of forced transaction to a certain extent, both physically and psychologically, which will cause great harm to women. However, Ronald Weitzer also proposed that due to the lack of reliable data on the incidence of violence in sexual transactions, this statement cannot be fully supported.

In the last place, Ronald Weitzer believers that the legalization of sex work and sex trafficking will make the current situation worse (Weitzer 2007: 456). Legal prostitution can make society treat women as sex goods and tell society that prostitution is harmless. This poses a serious threat to the social order and causes the entire society to be eroded because it highlights the support of society for these despicable institutions and forgives and agrees to the exploitation of women by men. These things will not make society more advanced but will be even more backward. Therefore, society needs laws to protect women’s rights and interests and eliminate the exploitation and oppression of women caused by sex work and sex trafficking.

In summary, by analyzing two Weitzer essays, it can be found out that sex work and sex trafficking are present in different forms in the United States and even all over the world to some extent, but sex work and sex trafficking can cause a certain degree of harm to the society.


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