Theft and Burglary Investigations

. Burglaries are the silent dread of everyone who has a lock on his or her door. Burglary can take many forms and the investigation of burglaries requires attention to detail. Analyze both of the burglary cases below and address the corresponding questions for one of them.

. A 54-year-old woman was arrested outside of a business after a silent alarm went off, alerting an officer in the area The officer found her prying at a side door using a crowbar.  

    • What should the primary investigation consist of?
    • Should the officers/investigators handle this differently than a typical burglary case due to the sex and age of the perpetrator? Why or why not?
    • What actions would you take as an investigator? Why?

Burglaries are the silent dread of everyone who has a lock on his or her door . My mom said a police officer told her at the shooting range, it Is either you or him, and if they are there to burglarize your house to shoot them inside your house instead of outside. Reason being you are defending yourself and your property. Our textbook confirms that but also states “This may or may not be true, depending on state burglary penal codes” (Becker. & Dutelle, 2013, p. 318). 

A very important step to remember would be to secure the crime scene. Goals in any crime scene investigation are to document and collect evidence.

For the case of the 54-year old women arrested outside of a business after a silent alarm went off, the officers attracted to the scene should conduct a primary investigation. This would aim at getting the insight of the intention of the women as she was found using a crowbar at the side of a door. This case involves unauthorized break in into a dwelling.

The primary investigation would be on how the woman got to the door or the premises, the tools she has been using or holding or the intention of stealing that might be in the mind of the woman. The officers would look to see the extent of the damage on the door and whether the suspect has possession of any other tool or stolen items.

No, the officers in the scene of crime should not handle this differently than a typical burglary. Though in most of the burglary cases, most suspect are young men rather than women (Becker & Dutelle, 2013). However it could be the woman is in collaboration with a gang, and there the case might be worse than the one involving a young man. Therefore it is good to handle the case with more pressure to unearth all information concerning the crime, and ensure that the investigators interrogate the women thoroughly without ignoring any suspicion. This will ensure that the officer get the necessary lead and evidence to handle the case.

As the investigator, I there will be need to conduct follow up investigation to establish the information behind the burglary. I would ensure that I get the relevant information on the intended crime and the reasons for such case. I would also investigate the state of mind of the women ensure that she is physiologically stable to ensure the investigations are valid.

Tool marks an impressions left at the scene are the gist of the investigation along what witnesses see and hear. (Becker & Dutelle, 2013, p. 337).

Becker, R. F. & Dutelle, A. W. (2013). Criminal investigation (4th ed.) Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

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