Understanding the Migrant Experience 800 words

you will write a commentary based on any THREE assigned short documentary films from USA Today.

Instructions for Commentary

  • Your commentary should be 800 words.
  • Make sure to read about the project before watching the films. Use your knowledge of the project to develop your main argument.
  • Writing a commentary means you analyze an issue based on the information given to you and write your opinion about it (as it was presented). Here is an example: (Links to an external site.)
  • Support your arguments with proper sources, and cite your sources (use any citation format you wish)
  • List the three documentaries you watched.
  • Some questions to help guide you (you can also write about things not captured in these questions–don’t restrict yourself only to these)
    1. Why did you choose the three documentaries that you watched and not others?
    2. What was your reaction to these films? What appealed to you? What didn’t?
    3. Before reading about this project ‘The Wall’, what were the aspects of the US-Mexico ‘border’ (or any border in general) that you hadn’t thought about?
    4. Before reading about this project ‘The Wall’, what were the aspects of migration that you hadn’t thought about?
    5. Based on what you saw/read, if you were a policy-maker, how would you address the issue of migration, both legal and illegal?
    6. From what you know, do you think governments are doing a good job of handling migration?









8.The Wall: Drugs are an endless fight



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