Unit 3: Activity/Reflection Paper 3


In this paper complete all the required activities and answer the reflection questions. This assignment will help extend your understanding of the unit topics and concepts to applications in everyday life. Please respond to all of the questions in paragraph form with the question numbers labeled. You should incorporate concepts from the readings into your answers and cite the readings as needed. The paper should be 2-3 pages and submitted via Canvas by Sunday 11:59 pm CT.


Question 1

Watch the clip linked below that describes race as a social constructed category. Why is a color-blind approach to racial inequality not effective? Describe examples of how racial inequality is reproduced by social institutions. Why Color Blindness Will NOT End Racism | Decoded | MTV News (Links to an external site.)
Why Color Blindness Will NOT End Racism | Decoded | MTV News

Question 2

The racial gap in wealth is a good example of intersectionality in social problems.

  • Explain how homeownership and neighborhood segregation is an example of the connection between wealth and racial inequalities.
  • How have policies and histories impacted the current racial gap in wealth?
  • To inform your response watch the following film clip, research the history and current state of segregation and home value in your city (or nearest major city), and examine the graph below.

Video Clip:

Race the House we Live In (Links to an external site.)
Race   the House we Live In


The Washington Post: America is more diverse than ever- but still segregated

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