Writing Assignment Physcology


This week you will be presented with a list of 10 concepts. The writing assignment requires you to select and expound on 1 of the concepts listed below. For your chosen concept, you should briefly summarize that concept in 5 to 10 sentences. Then you should PERSONALIZE the concept. This requires you to relate this concept to your personal or professional life. This assignment is confidential and will be kept between you and the instructor.

Please review the rubric. You should have three paragraphs in your assignment. The first paragraph is your summary with five to ten sentences. The second and third paragraphs are your personalization. Please make sure to indent paragraphs, so I can clearly delineate your three paragraphs.

Make sure you complete a spell check and an edit for grammar before you submit your work. All assignments should be in either Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (.doc, .docx, .rtf).

Submit your work by 11:59 PM on the final day of the academic week.

Sample Set-Up:

Ima Student
Week 1 Writing Assignment

Concept 1: Explain what is meant by “the person” and “the situation” and how they become interwoven through “person-situation interactions”

SUMMARY: Write a short paragraph (between 5-10 sentences) that summarizes the concept.

PERSONALIZE: You will now personalize this concept by explaining a story from your own life. Write 2-3 paragraphs (1/2 – 1 page). This is a confidential assignment and will be between you and the instructor. Feel free to share your ideas. (Does the knowledge presented change your prior perception? Would you have acted differently? )This is your chance to apply the material. Your instructor will gauge your understanding based upon this discussion.

These topics are from Learning Objectives presented within the chapter:

Chapter 1

  1. Offer a definition of social psychology.
  2. Explain why description and explanation are important to scientific social psychology.
  3. Describe the four major theoretical perspectives of social psychology.
  4. Discuss the five fundamental motives behind goal oriented social behavior.
  5. Explain what is meant by “the person” and “the situation” and how they become interwoven through “person-situation interactions”.
  6. Define the five major types of descriptive methods – naturalistic observation, case studies, archives, surveys, and psychological tests.
  7. Discuss the difference between reliability and validity in psychological tests.
  8. Define correlation and explain what is meant by the statement “correlation does not equal causation”.
  9. Describe the ethical risks involved in social psychological research.
  10. Discuss why the statement, “the benefits must be weighed against the costs” could be considered a general rule psychologists use to decide if research is ethical.

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