American Presidents and their Military Experience

Before you begin, please note that this assignment has multiple parts. In order to be eligible for full credit for this assignment, you must complete both step one and step two.

Some American Presidents had military experience, some didn’t. Through this assignment, we will look to our past and present Commanders and Chiefs to determine if their military service had any effect (positive of negative) on their ability to lead the nation.

Step One:

Using the charting feature in MSWord or using an Excel spreadsheet, do the following:

  • In column one, list each of the Presidents you choose (you must include at least ten (10)Presidents)
  • In column two, indicate the branch of military service in which each of your chosen Presidentsserved (or indicate that they did not serve)
  • In column three, indicate the highest rank those Presidents who served attained
  • In column four, include any wars or significant battles in which they fought

Step Two:

In an essay of 250-500 words, based on your findings in step one, explain whether or not you think military service matters for a President? Provide examples to support your claim.

Note: While each step in this assignment matters, your analysis of your data is the most crucial to this assignment. Be sure to focus the majority of your efforts on step two.

Post both your chart and your essay to this week’s drop box.


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