DJCA 100 Analytical Essay – Is the Constitution Still Relevant?

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Purpose: to analyze, evaluate, and persuade

Length: 3-4 pages typed, doubled-spaced

Format: APA style

Title your essay (title should capture the essence of your thesis)

Analytical Essay – Is the Constitution Still Relevant?

Analytical writing serves as a transition for students to develop more formal elements of academic writing: the thesis statement, topic sentences, organization, specific examples to support one’s thesis, etc. These formal elements may be expressed in one or more of the following rhetorical modes: cause and effect, process analysis, definition, position or evaluation.

Is the Constitution Still Relevant?The Founding Fathers are considered geniuses for the government they created, especially considering how long it has lasted. Is the United States Constitution still relevant today? Does the Constitution protect and safeguard the rights and liberties of the people to the extent promised by the Founding Fathers? Why or not? Argue your position by citing at least three (3) specific provisions within the Constitution and/or Bill of Rights.

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