First: this is i need it within 14 hours.even if it is less than 250 words for the first requirement.

After looking at these borderline cases, I want you to come up with your own definition of religion! If you think some of the previous examples should or should not be considered “religions”, be sure to tailor your definition to accommodate that.

Your definition should be 1-3 sentences long. Here are some questions that you should think about when crafting your definition:

  • What should a religion include?
  • What would disqualify a group/institution from being called a “religion”?
  • Does a religion have to have a belief in god/God?
  • Can a religion be practiced by one person? Or must it be done in a community?
  • Is religion just belief? Or are there other elements a religion should have?

Posting Instructions:

You should post your definition . Please also respond to at least one other student’s definition letting that student know either what you liked about their definition, or how you think their definition could be improved.

Second requirement: I will give for this one day extra to complete, it needs to be 50-300 words

This week you read the “Introduction” to God Is Not One by Stephen Prothero (BTW, in the future I will refer to this text as GINO because it’s easier than writing out the whole title!). Also, if you have not received your text yet, I have a PDF version of it in Module One so that you can complete this discussion on-time!

In the “Introduction” he discusses why he thinks it is important to study religion. He also discusses his major thesis for the book, which is that the major religions of the world are different, and that those differences matter. Therefore, we should learn about the specifics of each religious tradition so that we are aware of those differences. Prothero criticizes those who claim that religions are fundamentally the same, or all lead to the same destination.

For this discussion, I would like you to tell me:

1. One idea/opinion that you agreed with, disagreed with, or are confused by in Prothero’s Introduction. Be sure to include a quotation from the text to show us what that idea/opinion is. Why do you agree or disagree with it? Or, why were you confused by it and what would you like to learn more about?

2. Whether you agree or disagree with Prothero’s main thesis that religions are more different than similar. As we go through this course, do you think that you will find that the five religions we study are remarkably similar or remarkably different from each other? Why?

Your initial response must be at least 250 words and include one direct quotation from the reading (along with the page number). You must also respond to at least two classmates (these responses must each be at least 100 words long).


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