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Support or criticize the statement that rude gestures (e.g., showing the middle finder to a police officer, etc.) would constitute fighting words or a threat towards a police officer. Justify your position.

Compare and contrast the fundamental differences between libel and slander, and provide one (1) example of each term in question which demonstrates the key differences between them.


I don’t think that showing the middle finger to a police officer constitutes a threat necessarily towards them, but more so expressing how they feel about them at the time, or disrespect, which probably could be fighting words if it is towards another citizen. Thats just like doing that to a individual during an disagreement as a sign of disrespect to them. But to be honest often that leads to fighting, I just don’t think as an officer it is taken that way. Many has to be use to it though because I’m pretty sure they encounter a lot of upset individuals who do this to them and even for one reason, just the site of seeing them.

Libel and slander are related concepts, but they are not identical. They are both legal terms that refer to communication that can hurt a person reputation and lead to a lawsuit. The basic difference between libel and slander is that libel is published defamation, while slander is fleeting, mostly verbal. In court of law, both are considered defamation- that is the communication of a false statement that harms the reputation of an individual, business or group.

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