I need help formatting 15 book overviews. Each overview needs to be in its own Word document and include the following:

– Plot OVerview

– Chapter Summaries and Analyses

– Themes

– Important Quotations Explained

Please see attached an example of what the Word document should look like. Please follow the same formatting with section headlines and quotes in bold and the rest of the copy in regular typeface.

All information should be copy / pasted from Search for the books by title using the search bar and please do not change the text.

Books to be included:

1. murder on the orient express

2. a wrinkle in time

3. fahrenheit 451

4. frankenstein

5. the outsiders

6. dracula

7. gone with the wind

8. treasure island

9. of mice and men

10. into the wild

11. gilgamesh

12. beowulf

13. don quixote

14. brave new world

15. moby dick


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