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While I believe that poverty does have a positive correlation with delinquency, there are still many relatively wealthy individuals who commit crimes just for the sake of doing it. Some might argue that poorer individuals are at a disadvantage in the court system as compared to youth belonging to financially affluent individuals,

“The most common points of entry into delinquency court — the child welfare system, public schools, and neighborhood police presence — are structured so that few meaningful distinctions can be made between poor children and those who present a true danger to the community” (Birckhead, 2014).

But, no, I do not believe that poverty causes delinquency, however it does cause a tendency towards delinquency because these individuals are usually around a rougher crowd. When looking at biological and sociobiological theories, it is clear that the environment that the youth grows up in will impact the chances of delinquency (Bartollas & Schmalleger, 2019).

The church does have a role. We are called in multiple times to help those in need, give to poor, and help orphans and widows. More specifically we read in Proverbs 19:17, “Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord” (English Standard Version [ESV]). So, while i do not know what exact steps could be taking in helping with delinquency, it is clear that the Church does have the duty to help. If every church did something, the issue would be a lot smaller. Ultimately we should help those in need, including possibly delinquent youth, simply because it glories the Lord.


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