identify the impact of own emotions on others in the workplace, business and finance homework help

1.List three of your emotional strengths and three of your emotional weaknesses.Discuss one of your emotional strengths and why it is important for leaders to be proficient in this area.Also discuss one of your emotional weaknesses and explain how it affects your leadership and how you would control this weakness.(Guide 100 words)

2.There may be many stresses in your personal and work life.List four stresses in your personal life and four in your work life and discuss one from each group of these could be eliminated or reduced or you could learn to manage.(Guide 100 words)

3.List four emotional trigger that effect your emotional reactions and describe the emotion that resulted from each and how you displayed the emotion.Then give an example of what would have been a more constructive response to the emotional trigger.(guide 100 words)

4.Write a definition of a role model.Give examples of the traits of a positive role model and an example where a role model has negative effect on the employees.(Guide 50 words)

5.You have been asked by your manager to develop a feedback from about emotional intelligence for use by managers.You are to develop the form listing the questions that may be asked when feedback is required.There are to be at least 8 questions.

6.You are the manager of a small retail outlet and one of your employees takes long lunch breaks every day that exceed the allowed time this puts pressure on the other staff.How would you confront the employee about this issue?(guide 50 words)

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