My group has to turn in a storyboard (script) for a TEDtalk presentation next week.

Topic: How to effectively manage remotely?

There are 5 members in the group, each of us have around 2 minutes to present about the topics

I need you to develop the most 5 important bullet points that we have to talk about. Then, you can chose one bullet point and write 2 mins script TEDTalk emphasizing that point for me. The other 4 members will develop the rest.

Requirements from the professor:

You will need evidence and examples to develop the discussion

Engage audiences so don’t be afraid to show passion. Use examples and stories to build credibility and intrigue.

Offer a clearly defined managerial perspective and “take away”

Be supported with research, with all borrowed material properly cited within the presentation

Include a storytelling component at some point (It doesn’t necessarily have to be your story)

I will attach some instructions and requirements that I have.

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