Parts of a Progress Report (~300 words)

[Will be evaluated using 302 Remembering Understanding rubric]

Objective: After completing this preparatory assignment, you will be able to identify and explain the parts of a progress report

Rationale: When you’re working on a long project, the main stakeholder will likely require a series of progress reports so they know how the project is coming along. Progress reports can fill a variety of purposes: “A progress report reassures the funding agency or employer that you’re making progress and allows you and the agency or employer to resolve problems as they arise […] An instructor may want to know whether you’ll have your report in by the due date. A client may be more interested in what you’re learning about the problem.” (Locker and Kienzler 564). This assignment is meant to help you remember and understand the required elements of a progress report, whether the report is oral or written, and that progress reports must be adapted to audience need.

Directions: For this assignment, you will need to identify and explain the parts of a progress report for at least two different purposes and audiences. Note that although you can use the textbook’s terminology, you should not quote the textbook’s explanations or those terms.


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