PolSci7 Week 2 Discussion: Collective Security or Balance of Power

Question: If asked to advise the president of the United States on which approach should be pursued in American foreign policy, collective security or a balance of power, what would you advise? If you believe that collective security is better policy, explain why in the Collective Security forum, supporting your argument with source-cited historical facts. If you believe that the balance of power system is better, explain why in the Balance of Power forum. Post your essay using source cited facts to support your argument.

Required Text: Perspectives on International Relations: Power, Institutions, and Ideas, 6th ed (Links to an external site.). — Henry R. Nau, Sage/CQ Press, 2018. ISBN: 978-1506396224. Part II: The Contemporary International System.


(1) A clear introduction that addresses directly the question posed by the instructor; (2) A body of factual examples that support your thesis; these examples may be drawn from either the assigned readings or footnoted sources researched independently by the student; Wikipedia is not an appropriate source for academic essays; (3) A coherent paragraph structure that highlights your main points; (4) Appropriate citations for materials drawn from the works of others; plagiarized threads will be penalized; and (5) should be approximately 400-600 words in length.

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