Question A: Chapter 11 (Faulty))

How do redlining and racial steering contribute to institutionalized racism? 4. Give an example of stereotyping that you see in everyday life. Explain what would need to happen for this to be eliminated. (100 word minimum)

Question B: Chapter 11 (Faculty)

Give three examples of white privilege. Do you know people who have experienced this? From what perspective? (100 word minimum)

Question C: Chapter 9 (Faculty) (100 word minimum)

Why is it important to understand and be aware of global stratification? Make a list of specific issues that are related to global stratification. For inspiration, turn on a news channel or read the newspaper. Next, choose a topic from your list, and look at it more closely. Who is affected by this issue? How is the issue specifically related to global stratification?

Question D: Chapeter 9 Faculty Middle Class

Compare a family that lives in a grass hut in Ethiopia to an American family living in a trailer home in the Unites States. Assuming both exist at or below the poverty levels established by their country, how are the families’ lifestyles and economic situations similar and how are they different?


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