The Bauhaus

The artists, designers, and architects associated with the Bauhaus have had a profound influence on twentieth century design. Their functional aesthetic has changed the way we live, shaping everything from the skylines of modern cities to the design of the furniture and appliances in our homes. In this assignment, you will choose a Bauhaus artist, designer, or architect, briefly discuss their life, and present one of their works. Include an image in your post. You may choose someone discussed in the book, or you may choose another artist or architect that is associated with the Bauhaus. Some additional members are mentioned in this summary of the Bauhaus from the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History: (Links to an external site.)

However, the purpose of this assignment is to help you understand the influence of the Bauhaus on contemporary design. For five points extra credit, please choose a work of contemporary architecture, graphic design, furniture, or product design that seems related to the work that you discuss in your post and share an image of it with the class.


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