Discussion: What Are the “Relevant” Data?, writing homework help

To prepare:

Review the following:

  • Chapters. 2, 3, 9, and 10 from the course text.
  • The video Data-driven Instruction and Assessment: Dashboards, Part l, in which Dr. Osher describes a “dashboard.”
  • The assigned article “School Climate Research Summary: January 2010” so you may formulate an understanding of how this type of datum may be a part of overall data collection for school improvement.
  • The video Data-driven Instruction and Assessment: Assessment and Accountability in Improving Teaching and Learning Systems, in which Dr. Dohrer discusses the importance of assessing school climate and references this module’s readings on school climate.
  • The assigned article “Mission Statements and Vision Statement: Unleashing Purpose.” Review the Texas Association of School Boards’ information about the importance of district vision statements.
  • Find a mission and vision statement (and goals, if available) from Gwinnett County Public Schools in Georgia.
  • Resources:
  • Laureate Education (Producer). (2011e). Data-driven instruction and assessment: Dashboards, part l [Video file]. Baltimore, MD: Author.


Reference the readings and the content of Dr. Osher’s interview in the video for this module to explain the degree to which mission and vision statements in general are aligned with the data collection and diagnostic process. Use specific examples from a district’s mission statement, vision statement, or goals to illustrate the type of data you would need to collect and the diagnostic process you might follow to achieve the mission, vision, or goals of the district.

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