Emotion and Affect

Part 1: Online interactive activity: Click on the link below which will take you to an activity for this week’s assignment. Take note of your score.

Part 2: You are to write a summary as described in the directions below, and submit the assignment Week 2. You will be graded according to the grading grid. Be sure to look it over carefully so that you can earn the best score!!

Click on the link below to take the Spot the Fake Smile Quiz.

If you are having issues following the link, then please cut and paste the URL shown into your Web Browser’s Search window: <Click here

When you get to the site there are clear directions. Follow them.

Part 2: Wasn’t that fun? Smile What was your score?

  • How did you do? Now, review Chapter 6 in your textbook. Also, take a look at this week’s Movie Moment. Consider the differences in emotion across culture, groups, and gender.

Now, go back to the link and try the quiz again.

  • Did you score better after reading about the differences in culture, gender?
  • Write at least a 200 word summary describing your results.
  • Did you do better or worse than you expected you would?
  • Share what have you learned about emotions from this week’s reading.

Grading Grid

AssignmentPoint ValueTotal
Writing is within the required minimum word count40 Points
Organization – Uses correct APA format in paper as well as with citations and references20 Points
Spelling/Grammer/Posts word count 20 Points

Use 2 scholarly resources–One may be your text

20 Points
Total:100 Points


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