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A couple of weeks ago, you practiced the counter argument for Project 2. Then, we worked on the counter argument as one sentence, which was what you hopefully tried in Project 3. This week, you will expand the counter argument to its own paragraph.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • The counter argument paragraph should not be the last body paragraph. It sound be the first or maybe the second. That way, it comes before your points, and your argument is what the reader remembers most (because it comes last).
  • The counter argument paragraph should begin with a clear transition that indicates it is a counter. Words that help with that include: other people say, other experts claim, according to the opposition, others think that, while some people think….
  • In your counter argument paragraph, you will still follow PIE, meaning the counter claim itself will be the Point and you will provide one piece of information as an example and explain it.


For this assignment, you will write a full counter argument paragraph for Essay Project 3. If you wrote a counter argument sentence in your original draft, you can expand that same idea.

That means that if you argued that students should wear uniforms, you will consider why someone might argue they should not and vise versa.

Your counter argument should:

  • Begin with a clear Point that states the counter argument and has a transition word that shows it is a counter. For example, if you argued that students should wear uniforms, you might begin with something like ” Some people may think that students should not wear uniforms because….” OR if you argued that students should not wear uniforms, then your counter paragraph may begin with “Other people say that students should wear uniforms because…..”
  • A piece of information that comes from the article that was not your main source, the article that argued against your thesis.
  • An explanation that explains the quote from the article, but it also explains why it is incorrect/incomplete.


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