Make a Summary of the attached Reading (Read the details before raising bid), assignment help

Make a summary of the attached Reading.

Please follow the below instructions one be one and do not miss
any point:

1) Write if there is any definition or terms needs to be
clarified before you start talking about the article.

2) What is the main idea, (the goal/purpose of this Reading),
what is the whole Reading is about? And why this Reading is important? What
will you be able to do in the future?

3) Make an introduction “what are you going to talk about by
order”. The introduction should include each point that will be discussed and
explained in the summary and should include all-important points.

4) Start your summary explains each point by order that given in
the introduction. Trey to be clears, specific, direct, using simple English
words, and organized. It does not matter how many words or pages you write, but
of course, your summary cannot be less than three pages single-spaced or 6
pages double-spaced.
The most important thing is to summarize all important
points and information in the Reading. So, when somebody read your summary
should not be need to read the reading and can be ready for any test.

5)  You need to critique
the Reading and answer the following questions (very important)

1.  What is stated
purpose of the study?

2.  What methodology
was used? Are there methodological flaws that should be considered?

3.  What are the
findings, statistical and practical significance of these results?

4.  Did the authors
consider all relevant studies? If not, how might this have changed the

5.  Have the authors
discussed all relevant limitations?

6.  Are the
conclusions justified based on the results presented? Have the authors ruled
out alternative explanations to the study findings? Are you confident in the
study results?

7.  How does the study
fit with other research on the subject?

8.  Are the study
results relevant to a Public Administration setting?

6) Please note that what will you deliver to me is going to be
presented. I am going to present that to the class. That is why you need to be clear,
specific, direct, using simple English words, and organized and give me a
professional product. I also will submit the work. So please follow the
instructions one be one and do not miss any point here.

7) I will release payment only if I receive professional work
and all instruction have been followed. Also, if the work is clean from
plagiarism or any integrity problem and I will check that.  I will also
increase the amount paid if you exceed my expectations.

8) The attached Reading that needs to be summarized. I will read
it and read your work as well. So plz make sure you deliver professional work.
The attached reading is like pictures from the book. Start with # 1 and the
total is 42 pages.

9) The work should be delivering in 2 days only. If you can
submit it before this deadline it would be better.


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