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1) Stage 7: Business Intelligence

a) IT Terminology: VPN’s, Databases, Computer Networks, Enterprise Portals

b) Categories of Information Systems

c) Components of Management Information Systems

2) Stage 8: Data-Driven Decision-Making

a) Cognitive Biases

b) Data Strategy and SMART Goals

c) Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

3) Stage 9: Bringing a Product to Market

a) Production Planning

b) Production and Operations Control

c) Quality Improvement and Risk Management

4) Stage 10: Selling to Customers


Distribution Channel


Sales Promotion and Place


Promotional Mix

5) Stage 11: Investing Earnings

a) Dividends and Retained Earnings


Investment Securities


Investing versus Debt Payoff

6) Stage 12: Strategies for Growth


Primary Business Growth Strategies


Stages of Growth


Measuring Growth and Factors that Affect Growth

7) Old Material from Exam 1

a) Stage 1: Ideation

i) Concepts

(1) Background: impact of business on economy/society

(2) Starting/Operating a new business

(a) Entrepreneurship: goals and characteristics

(b) Contributors to successes and failures

(3) Distinctive Competencies

ii) Videos and Other Readings

(1) The Art of Innovation

(2) How to Come up with Hundreds of Business Ideas

b) Stage 2: Corporate Social Responsibility

i) Concepts

(1) Ethics in the workplace Individual ethics and business ethics

(2) Social responsibility / Responsibilities to stakeholders

(3) Trends in ethics and corporate social responsibility

c) Stage 3: Marketing Research and Competitive Analysis

i) Concepts

(1) Marketing strategy: target marketing and market segmentation

(a) 5 P’s: product, price, place, promotion, and people

(2) Marketing research (main types)

(3) Competitive advantage (incl. 4 types: cost, product, service, and niche)

d) Stage 4: Cost Analysis

i) Concepts

(1) Accounting equation

(2) Debits vs. credits

(3) Financial Statements: balance sheets, income statements, budgets

ii) Videos and Other Readings

(1) Will automation take away all our jobs?

e) Stage 5: Funding Opportunities

i) Concepts

(1) Developing a financial plan

(2) Sources of funding

(3) The role of banks in finance

f) Stage 6: Acquiring and Nurturing Talent

i) Concepts

(1) Employee Recruitment

(2) Motivating and Retaining Employees

Business Finance

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