World Literature Before 1660

5 Questions from  Books:The Norton Anthology of World Literature, vols. A, B, C., 3rd ed., Martin Puchner, general editor (ISBN
9780393933659)(If you need the Article, I can send to you)

Tips: You must write sensible, clear and
grammatically correct answers. Most of these questions will require a
substantial paragraph or two as an answer, but please do not write more than
200 words for any of your answers (this paragraph contains exactly 100 words).
When you cite evidence from one of our selections in the textbook or
supplemental readings, you’ll need to use proper documentation form. You should
also use correct title form when you refer to any of these works by its title,
but you don’t need to give your own titles to the answers you write.

how Li Bo’s “Drinking Alone with the Moon” answers the definition of a lyric by
citing evidence in it of the lyric features of subjectivity, emotion,
imagination. You should not include brevity and musicality.

2. In
what way does Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 130: My mistress’s eyes are nothing like
the sun” satirize Petrarchan conventions and in what way does it uphold them?

3. Show three ways that Sophocles’ Oedipus the King follows rules laid out
by Aristotle in the selections from
that you read.

4. How does Sophocles’ Oedipus the King reflect the aesthetics of the Classical Age?

5. What two medieval works best demonstrate
the memento mori motif?

6. Show an example of the grotesque in one
work read thus far.

7. Why is Petrarch, who lived 1304-1375,
considered a figure of the Renaissance while Villon, who lived considerably
later—around 1431-1463, is considered a figure of the earlier Middle Ages? 

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