write Article analysis, writing homework help


this is my article and the structure from my professor.

I need outline for today and the article for tomorrow

Valentine’s Day_ What ‘I Love You’ Means in Different Languages – The Atlantic.pdf 

EL111ArticleAnalysis(1) (1).docx 


this’s my professor’s e-mail 

Dear students,

Here are the assignments for the weekend and before Tuesday’s class. Be sure and check the Task tab for specific deadlines.

1) Outline for Essay 2 – follow the guidelines in the writing prompt and include notes only, not sentences. Divide your outline into the three required sections and answer as many of the questions as you can.

2) First draft for Essay 2 – now create coherent paragraphs out of your notes and write your paper. Remember where your thesis should be, then use the body paragraphs to prove it.


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