4 discussion assignments about readings from the book They say I say

It is all of module fives 4 discussion assignments the questions need to be answered with a good amount of length and must comment on two other students post each assignment.

Here are the instructions

This week, we will look at the “art of quoting,” and, as we will every week, some more example readings. Before you proceed further, please read Chapter 3 (pages 43-52), and the example essays on pages 269-295. Other than concept & rhetorical analysis papers from students who have chosen readings due this week (which have separate modules at the bottom of the modules page), all this module will consist of will be discussions of the various readings.

They topics are “As HE Himself Puts It”, “why Rural America Voted For Trump”, “Minority Student Clubs:Segregation or Integration”,”A Tax System Stacked Against the 99 percent”

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