Athens and Sparta, history assignment help

Objectives: This paper is intended to be an analytical essay that draws on what we have discussed in the

class. It is not intended to be a research paper. You are free, however, to delve into other reading

whether in the textbook, online, or in the Library. If you incorporate additional information into your

essay from these sources, please provide a brief citation in parentheses following the information that

lets me know where you got it


I am most interested in the argument (i.e., thesis) you present which should be fresh, convincing, and

deepen our understanding of the topic. Make certain that your argument is nuanced, balanced, and

supported by evidence. Also, decide what is most important to address in terms of your thesis. It is

okay to be selective—in fact, you should be. The questions I provided for each topic are only meant to

stimulate your thinking. Determine which these are relevant to your focus and what evidence is

necessary to convince your reader of the thesis you are arguing.


Style: The essay is expected to be well structured, with an introduction and conclusion. Each paragraph

in the body of the paper should begin with a clear topic sentence. Do not write in the first person


Length: 3 pages double-space (basically, an introduction, three paragraphs in the body of the essay,

and a conclusion).


Athens and Sparta: We will be reading excerpts from Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War

and Plutarch’s Life of Lycurgus describing these two Greek city-states. Write an essay in which you

discuss the most important differences between these city-states and ways in which they were

surprisingly similar. The essay must be based on your reading of the texts.



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