Business Process Management Journal

Based on the Reading, answer the following questions, with explanations (do not simply name concepts and move on):

1) Among the concepts you have learned, which do you think is most useful to you or your organization?

2) Which concept(s) caused the most confusion in this unit?

3) Which concept(s) did you wish went into further detail, either because you are interested or because it’s too complex for the coverage it received?

Topics were:

  • Chapter 12: “Guidelines on How to Use the 7FE Framework”
  • Chapter 13: “Foundations Phase”

In Chapter 12, you will consider why a “one-size-fits-all approach” does not work for the BPM model. You should consider the motivation within the organization that is driving the need for the project, and then tailor the model to best fit that need. Pay particular attention to the four scenarios: “business as usual,” “in the driver’s seat,” “pilot project,” and “under the radar.”

In Chapter 13, the first phase of the BPM model, the Foundations phase, is presented. Reflect upon how the organization’s selected strategy, process management, and individual business processes relate and interact.

Key Concepts:

  1. There are three main drivers that push the need for a BPM project:
    • Strategy-driven project
    • Business issue-driven project
    • Process-driven project
  2. There are four scenarios in implementing BPM:
    • Business as usual
    • In the driver’s seat
    • Pilot project
    • Under the radar
  3. It is critical to ensure there is a match between the strategy of the organization and the process.

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