Developing Countries

For this assignment please provide meaningful feedback. I am not asking for your opinion about grammar, spelling or about the way it is written I am asking your opinion regarding the topic and information presented below Please respond with 220 words no plagerism :

In my opinion there is certain things that limit a countries development. There are many less developed countries that suffer from different types of problems, they have problems in all three levels of analysis. Many of these less developed countries all have one thing in common that they suffer from and that is with there economy. They don’t have the economic sustainability to be a well-developed country. Therefore, that’s why I can neither agree or disagree that developed countries are set up to limit how other less developed countries evolve and grow. In this case the argument is whether or not the international economic system is biased against less developed countries, I believe that it is a mixture of things that happen in the international system that limits the growth of less developed countries.

For example, the international system does not want to help less developed countries because they don’t have the resources needed from them to be a country for which they can negotiate with. Additionally, I do believe that some international institutions, TNC’s and industrialize states deliberately keep the developing world at a dependent variable. Many of these groups do this to help themselves and to protect their ideas and their views. So, I do agree that the dependency theorist have a valid argument.

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