I’m doing my internship at Human Resource (HR) department and I have weekly discussion.

I need to reply to these two discussion each on in 150 words.

I atatched 4 examples how my classmate answer these two discussion but DO NOT copy the answers.

Discussion 1: Relevancy

  • 1) Are you or what you are doing relevant?(This is a broad question – take it where you want to, but relate it back to your academics, goals and current work environment).
  • 2) Do you have the knowledge/skills/abilities needed for success in this industry?If not, how will you develop them?

Go to O*Net Online ( look up your desired profession’s commonly required knowledge, skills and abilities as a reference.

Discussion 2: Accomplishments

  • 1) What have you accomplished so far during your internship?Please discuss either the impact you have made so far on your organization and/or the impact of your internship on you.What are you learning?

Business Finance

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