In this Discussion Activity, you will be asked to think and write about an important issue or theme in the upcoming chapter. Your responses will be shared with your classmates in a discussion board. First, read the prompt below. Then, respond to the topic at the bottom of the activity, following your instructor’s directions. You may also create your own new topic for your classmates to respond to. You can also respond to postings they have made within the existing topic.

I need an opinion for this or a response:

In my opinion religion, especially if it is Christianity is insanity. I used to be a Christian and was raised Christian. In my opinion religion and Christianity is the most damaging garbage ever to have been heard of. It is sick, paranoid, awful, and completely wrong. So, to me it is completely irrelevant. It does not having any bearing on anything as far as I am concerned. I’m not saying that I’m an atheist; I’m not. But belief in God or a Higher Power has nothing to do with whether or not full, grown adults choose to indulge in sex. You can’t tell a grown person what to do; it’s insane to believe that you can. When we are parents I believe that we are responsible to protect our kids from the dangers of getting into sexual activity at an early age. By dangers I mean sexual diseases, being raped, being taken advantage of due to confusion or lack of knowledge, etc. I believe children need guidance at least up until they are 18 or old enough to understand what they are getting into. But if it is squarely a religious issue, that is stupid, religion does not have a right to control what anyone does. Parents do until kids are 18. Screw religion, but we must obey our parents until we are grown.

I also need an opinion for this or a response:

Religions have their own set of rules and beliefs when it comes to expressing sexuality, some allow homosexual activities while others condemn such actions. Our families play a major role in what is acceptable. For example, if you were raised in a Mormon household, you may view polygamy as part of your religion and perfectly normal, thou illegal in all states. How your parents spoke of or didn’t speak openly about sex within the family can have a profound effect on how their children will view and practice sex. Laws can greatly influence, restrict, or punish certain expressions of our sexuality. Mass communication and advertisements, we see them everyday and it may not be obvious to us, there are sexual overtones or subliminal messages being sent during our every waking moment.

In many cases of deviant sexual behavior, the subject acts out due to their conditioning which may have manifested over a long period of time,dating back to childhood. Case in point, if a parent catches a child masturbating and reacts by scolding and humiliating him/her, they may grow up thinking sex is bad, they are bad, or the genitals are something to be shamed of and may lead to self mutilation.


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