On the instruction.

NOTE: Paper MUST be 1-2 pages, double-spaced, using APA format.

What the paper has to be about: Pick ONE type of crime and use Merton’s strain theory AND Hirschi’s theory of social bonds (structural functionalist view) to explain why that crime exists.

What the paper has to include: Without crime and criminals, there would be no need for a criminal justice system; therefore, structural functionalists realize that crime exists and we believe that we need crime and criminals in order to provide jobs to many people. Without crime and criminals, many people would be out of work. The criminal justice system, here, in the United States is based on deterrence. Some people believe that our penalties are too weak and do not deter people from crimes. Others believe that even though some penalties are strong, it still has not deterred people from crime. Deterrence could be a problem within this system. Second issue, there seems to be a high rate of recidivism, many people committing crimes again even after being incarcerated or rehabilitated. Why? Third issue what should the criminal justice system promote — rehabilitation or incapacitation? Fourth issue, should we practice capital punishment? What do we do about gun control? If there were less guns available to the public, would we have less crime? For your second part of the paper, defend your position on rehabilitation, incapacitation, and capital punishment. Which one do you recommend and why? What do you think America should do about crime and social control? Certain laws were passed that has mixed responses from the public. What is your opinion and solution.

Reference which can be used: >>>> scroll all the down and click chapter 8 crime and criminal justice (you use that as a reference).

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