Option #2: LinkedIn Review and Reflection

Go to Review a minimum of three different individual profiles. Then, in 8 PowerPoint slides, using the rules of color and graphics and text, describe several strengths of each of the profiles you reviewed and inform your audience of the value of LinkedIn as a networking tool. 

In your final slide (or slides) describe improvements you will make to the way you network yourself based on what you have learned through your review of these profiles.

  • Introduction and Summary Slides
  • Each slide
    • Color combination
    • Text quantity
    • Font style and point size
    • Graph, picture, animation enhances message
    • Lecture notes
  • Presentation
    • Message organized, flows overall
    • Each slide is consistent for overall message
    • Positive ethos projected in presentation

Provide the links to the profiles in your submission.  Refer to the grading rubric for grading details.

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